Katie Paetz & Education


My name is Katie Paetz and I am an educator for over ten years and current Osborn School District Board President. I ran four years ago because I believe that teachers should be a part of making education policy decisions. During my time on the board, Osborn School District has passed fully inclusive policy that protects families and students, reopened Montecito campus with dual language preschool, won the Governor’s Arts Award for music and art programs, passed a bond override and successfully completed a national search and hire process for superintendent. My experience as an educator gives me insight into how policy plays out in the classroom-and which approaches enable kids to learn. I realize that 2018 is a unique moment in history where more is achievable for education when so many people are motivated to engage in education advocacy. Osborn community’s strong support for education puts our district in a position to pioneer policy ensuring children and families feel welcome in all education spaces. I hope to earn your vote and keep teachers at the table!